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OMAMImini is a Los Angeles based lifestyle brand for children. We create stylish and sophisticated, yet effortless apparel that is not too childish, but very comfortable and age appropriate. 

OMAMImini is developed entirely in the US, using only American resources and the most up-to-date technological novelties in textile manufacturing. We aim to produce children’s clothes that are so fashionable even the parents would want to try them on: composed color tones, impeccable construction, distinctive prints, everyday wearability, and manifold possibilities for mixing-and-matching. We believe that children’s apparel can be stylish, sophisticated and impeccably made, yet effortless.

We know that wardrobe is not the most important thing in life. But the right clothes just make it way more pleasant. And fun!


About OMAMImini's Kids Clothing

Learn more about OMAMImini, a hip designer kids clothing brand based in Los Angeles and making clothes for children's from 1 to 8 year old.

Ola Omami is the creative force behind most aspects of OMAMImini, from concept of every collection to custom tape on our boxes. She's known for her impeccable taste, tender love for all things Japanese and a keen ability to multitask without compromising quality. She is inspired by her daughter, abundance of sunshine in Los Angeles, and all things clean, bright and simple, such as marshmallow or triangles. 


Natasha Mileshina is our fervent illustrator and a graphic designer. She's the one to create all of our patterns as well all things for print. She swoons easily at the sight of beautiful children's books and known for her superhuman efficiency as well as quirky sense of humor. She is inspired by cinnamon buns, Scandinavian textile and the Moomins. 



Photo credits: Michelle Laliberte and Camille Knop